鋼鉄のStrings音と、幾重にも張り巡らされたTrackは悪魔的Sound Trap!!
誘発するScreamは、歓喜か×××!? それとも狂気か×××!?
1998年結成、当時 MELO CORE、HARD CORE主体のバンドブームさながらの賑わいの中DragonとしてLIVE活動を開始させる。2000年にはGARLIC BOYS/Larry氏が主催するLabel(Howling bll Entertainment / Screw Heads Recordings)でRecordingに入ることとなる。同年発売された先行Single 『FADE AWAY』 が、1999年大晦日、大阪ドーム(現 京セラドーム)にて行なわれた格闘技イベント “イノキ・ボンバイエ” 公式PRソングとして、 また、その翌年には、『I’M NOT FOR NOTHING』が(故)橋本真也氏主催の “進撃” 公式PRソングとして、各メディアで放送されるなど話題となり 1st Album 『Defer to the Quiet』 リリース時はTOWER RECORDS Weekly Chartで 上位を賑わせ注目を集めた。リリース後GARLIC BOYSをはじめ、PULLING TEETH / PANORAMA AFLO、地獄車、大砲、 UZU MAKI、横綱ISHIBAN…etcと頻繁に共演。2005年まで順調に活動するもその後しばらくの沈黙…。2009年突如として中国、上海で”MONSTERS ROCK ASIA “を主催。
上海のKids達へ 衝撃を与えIndiesでは異例の動員を記録し話題となった。現在、楽曲制作を精力的に行い神出鬼没的にLIVE活動を展開している。

Their music is based on Heavy Metal, yet they use various tracks and it makes their music DIGITAL ROCK MIXTURE.The sound from the metal strings and layers of tracks is a devilish soundtrap.Evoking screams are from joy or insanity?

Formed in 1998, in the middle of the huge Melo-Core/Hardcore movement, Dragon started playing shows.

In 2000, they recorded their music under Howling bull Entertainment /Screw HeadsRecordings organized by Larry from GARLIC BOYS.Their leading single ”FADE AWAY” was chosenas an officialPR song for the “INOKI BOM-BA-YE”, the martial arts event that was held at Kyocera Dome (ex.Osaka Dome) in Dec. 31st, 1999.“I’M NOT FOR NOTHING” as also used as an official PR song for “Shingeki” , the Pro-Wrestling event organized by the late Shinya Hashimoto in the following year.After drawing people’s attentions from the previous singles, their 1st album ”Defer to the Quiet” went in to the TOWER RECORDS Weekly Chart.

After releasing ”Defer to the Quiet”, Dragon shared stages with GARLIC BOYS, PULLING TEETH / PANORAMA AFRO, 地獄車(JIGOKU-GURUMA), 大砲(TAIHO), UZUMAKI, 横綱ICHIBAN(YOKOZUNA ICHIBAN) etc.

They actively played shows until they became silent in 2005.

In 2009, they finally broke the silence and organized “MONSTERS ROCK ASIA” in Shanghai, China. The show left the big impact to the kids in Shanghai and it got into the news for the well draw.

They have been vigorously writing new material and playing shows.

Vocal:Hayami Kenji / Guitar:Hayami Makoto / Drums:Masaki Kohey
Bass:Kanazawa Kosuke / Guitar:YAYOI / Manipulate&DJ:Yamashita Masayuki